A Quick Guide to Bitcoin Security: Securing your Bitcoins from Theft, Hacking and Accidental Loss (Bitcoin Investor Series)

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A Quick Guide to Bitcoin Security

Securing your Bitcoins from Theft and Hacking

If you own, or are thinking of owning, Bitcoin, or any other digital currency, then the security of those coins is vitally important!

Why is security important?

History shows that Bitcoins have been stolen and Bitcoins, if not cared for, can quite easily be lost.

A major problem for those new to bitcoin is their need to make a radical, and often uncomfortable mind shift, by taking full, and personal, responsibility for their digital cash.

As a result, if the new user does not take the precaution of learning, step by step, how to secure wallets, and thus secure their coins, then they do run the very real possibility of losing their investment by making simple, yet easily avoidable, mistakes.

This publication outlines how to secure your Bitcoins when using the following storage methods: Desktop Wallets, Mobile Wallets, Online Wallets, Hardware Wallets, Trezor Hardware Wallet, Ledger USB Wallets and Paper Wallets.

It is a must for all Bitcoin owners or future investors…

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