Beta validation program launches for mijin blockchain 2.0

Tech Bureau, the Japan, U.S., and Europe fintech and cryptocurrency solutions company today announced the start of its β customer validation program, in advance of the official launch of mijin’s blockchain open source “2.0 Catapult” software. 

There are presently over 300 companies around the world leveraging mijin’s blockchain technology with both live and Proof of Concept (POC) systems running. Back in September of 2015, Tech Bureau set the stage for the technology’s wider use with its release of a private blockchain, mijin, that meets enterprise usage needs.

While the current version of mijin is being augmented to include enterprise cloud service as BaaS (Blockchain as a Service), the next generation blockchain technology “2.0 Catapult” mijin blockchain will be launched soon as an open source software after the launch of its β customer validation program today.

What is mijin?

Developed by Tech Bureau, mijin is designed to meet versatile enterprise needs with its enhanced private blockchain utilizing the NEM protocol that easily creates blockchain platforms on peer-to-peer networks. The blockchains can be used internally or in collaboration with partner companies in a cloud or other shared data environments.

mijin blockchain creates a secure data-sharing environment with high performance, zero downtime, and unfalsifiable data while reducing the cost of conventional infrastructure. mijin has been tested extensively as a high-throughput ledger engine in financial institutions, electronic money systems, user authentication, land, and property registration, logistics tracking, and food traceability.

What is 2.0 Catapult?

While the current mijin blockchain (1.0) was programmed in JAVA language, 2.0 Catapult was designed in C++ from scratch with the following main features.

  • Complete separation between API and blockchain network servers
  • NoSQL database on API server
  • High-speed transaction blockchain network capable of several thousand transactions simultaneously at reasonable cloud computing costs via a single node NoSQL API server
  • Implementation of a three-layered multi-signature function on the blockchain itself utilizing multi-level approval.
  • Aggregate Transactions, a key feature that allows for multiple transactions to be processed simultaneously using the Multi-signature function, realizing a secure escrow service without a third party.
  • Dual licensing, open source and enterprise, available after completion of validation testing of 2.0 Catapult mijin blockchain.
  • The NEM public blockchain will be integrated with 2.0 Catapult in 2018.
  • Other features and improvements will be announced.

About β customer validation program

Acceptance of applications to the β customer validation program starts today and the selection of participants from among the applicants will be completed in mid-November, 2017. Then the address and access keys will be issued to the selected applicants who will share the 2.0 Catapult network on a single blockchain network.

If an applicant would like to validate the 2.0 Catapult blockchain network on their own server, Tech Bureau can provide a contract to do so.

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