BitPay expands prepaid bitcoin Visa debit to users in 131 countries

Bitcoin payments provider BitPay announced today that it now offers its BitPay Visa Prepaid Debit Card for bitcoin users in more than 131 new countries around the world.

Today’s news makes the BitPay Card the first prepaid Visa debit card available for bitcoin users in both the United States and in major bitcoin-using countries such as the UK, Germany, China, Japan, Argentina, and Brazil, along with 125 other nations.

The BitPay Card makes it possible for users to convert bitcoin into a spendable dollar, euro, or pound balance on a Visa Prepaid Debit Card in just minutes.

The Card solves a major problem for early blockchain payments adopters: how to convert Bitcoin received, earned, or saved into a balance spendable with everyday Visa-accepting merchants.

The BitPay Card’s recent integration with BitPay’s true bitcoin wallet allows users to convert bitcoin funds to dollars, euros, or pounds on the card in one in-app swipe.

Bitcoin users who wish to order the BitPay Card can apply here.


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