BitShares cryptocurrency Smartcoins Wallet now works with all BlockPay merchants

Munich-based blockchain technology company BitShares was busy all last month developing the new features and UI/UX on its new mobile wallet which was released recently called “Carbon.”

The BitShares Smartcoins Wallet available on Google Play now has the new Carbon UI/UX which was designed to help organize the application better for non-cryptocurrency savvy people.

Carbon can also be white-labeled, in order to brand the application in the image of the company utilizing the software.

The Carbon wallet now includes full support for:

  • All BlockPay merchants (the previous release called BlockPay S, which was released in February)
  • fully-confirmed transactions in 3 seconds or less
  • 44 (human corrected) languages
  • NFC and v10 QR codes
  • near-zero fees
  • Overdraft Protection (example: it can cash out some of another one of your coins to cover your grocery balance)
  • Loyalty Points
  • invoicing/payment request features
  • unlimited accounts
  • built-in Bridge for coin-to-coin shifting
  • search/filter Transaction history
  • Transaction Memos
  • Export Transactions to PDF or CSV for accounting
  • WIF Key support
  • Yubikey Neo support for added 2FA/U2F security
  • FIDO Certified (in progress)
  • dApp performance (uses C-IPFS for app architecture, and “offline” data usage. also, no more App Store “approval” is needed)
  • customizable Contacts and Contact Groups
  • Bill-Pay tool for scheduling recurring payments to one or more Contacts
  • encrypted/automated backups to C-IPFS
  • PIN/Pattern/Pocket Security options
  • eReceipts (actual store receipts saved in pdf form, with the store logo, items purchased, tax info, etc)
  • 100% Open Source Software for security auditing and forking
  • and native support for 6 different blockchains (Bitshares, Steem, Dash (including InstantSend), Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin).


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