Bitwala introduces multiple bitcoin wallets per user account

Bitwala, a Berlin-based bitcoin wallet, banking, and spending card provider announced today they are officially rolling out a major update to the Bitwala Wallet which will allow users to create multiple bitcoin wallets on their accounts.

This is useful for those who want to distinguish one wallet from another by setting labels or convenient names for their wallets all under one account.

Users can now easily sort through a list of wallets under the wallet tab on their account dashboard.

Bitwala Features

Wallets are secured with two-factor authentication, wallet-specific passwords, and multi sig keys that users can manage to recover their wallet at any time.

Each time a new Bitwala Wallet is created the backup key is displayed one time only to download and keep safe. Bitwala stated that from this point on if the backup PDF is not saved, a user will never be able to recover that wallet if the wallet password if ever lost. Bitwala does not save backup keys, so funds are users full responsibility to keep and be responsible for.

Bitwala wallet owners can control and adjust their own bitcoin network fee settings, set the preferred bitcoin units in (BTC or mBTC) along with the preferred local fiat currency-equivalent (EUR, USD, or GBP).

The Bitwala team stated:

“We are always excited to get new people acquainted with Bitcoin and be part of the Bitwala community. The user interface of our wallet is simple and straightforward to have both beginners and seasoned Bitcoiners have the best user experience. We also help beginners by providing step-to-step guides on using our straightforward Bitwala Wallets and securing their funds.”

“We will continue to launch additional features to make the Bitwala Wallet even better.”


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