Blockchain asset auto trading platform DA Power Play releases whitepaper

Digital Assets Power Play (DA Power Play) a company creating technology building blocks for digital asset trading automation has released their whitepaper today. The anticipated literature will give readers a better overview of how the platform will be designed and how will it include third party building blocks and enable a distributed economy.

DA Power Play is a project, the distributed global platform that connects exceptional startups, experts and supporters worldwide. The company is looking to raise up to $17.4 million by issuing 100,000,000 DPP tokens, representing 66% of the total number of issued tokens.

The DA Power Play platform is organized around different stakeholders, wallets and distributed computer nodes aiming to provide a balanced trade-off between availability, transparency and efficient algorithm execution and digital asset management.

The DA Power Play platform enables a new distributed economy allowing stakeholders to seize algorithmic trading and investment opportunities in an optimally secure and distributed fashion. The platform will be designed as a combination of the blockchain and the distributed systems architecture. The team believes that such a solution offers the right balance of transparency, system availability and I/O throughput.

  • The Blockchain building component – will be based upon Ethereum smart contracts – wallets, tokens themselves and a web 3.0 stack (swarm, ens/eth, bzz).
  • The distributed system components – will be based on hybrid cloud, legacy databases, Node.js, C language, messaging/communication protocols such as WebRTC, Whisper, and IPC but also different data streams where applicable

Key Platform Features

  • Creating and developing automated (algorithmic) trading strategies or digital investment products through drag and drop or programing language environment.
  • Backtesting strategies and digital investment products on historical data made available by the platform, enabling fine tuning and optimization of strategies and products, achieving maximum performance.
  • All strategies and products will be run through live trading algorithms, allowing one-stop access to all major digital assets exchanges, resulting in better execution and reduced risk of trades which may not be executed due to certain exchange downtime.
  • The platform will provide an API for trade executions on all available digital assets exchanges, to be available for traders and fintech companies, enabling a simple one-stop shop, whilst reducing the cost of transactions.
  • Platform users will be able to earn fees by offering their automated trading strategies and products to other potential investors, or by programming automated trading strategies, new products or smart contracts for third parties.
  • DPP platform architecture will be distributed, guaranteeing uptime and platform services availability.
  • The platform will be self-sustaining allowing future scaling, service development, and R&D based on community feedback DPP tokens will represent both the underlying value of the platform as well as be a means of value transfer and payment on the platform, making the platform fully self-sustaining.

More information can be found in the DA Power Play 2017 Business Plan.

Whitepaper Preview

I. The Introduction
When we started with crypto investment strategies and developing KIP’s Eye System more than 2 years ago, there were only a handful of crypto currencies and exchanges, with relatively small daily trading volumes. At the time it was possible to trade and manage these assets manually. However, early on we have started to realize that volumes, the number of digital assets and exchanges are going to increase, requiring us to automate our trading. As such we have begun to design our KIP’s Eye system to address these issues and automate our trading. Our current trading strategies have led us to design our own Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence agents enabling us to predict future token/coin price movements with a great certainty and accuracy.

At the time of writing (August 2017) the number of digital assets has exploded, increasing to over 850 and it will continue to expand to well over 2000 within the next two years. With such rapid growth, collecting market data (trades, order books) has become a complex task in itself, requiring fast data collection and storage running in TBs of data per month. Additionally, data needs to be parsed, processed, analyzed and used for trading, and all trades and digital assets need to be accounted for, with correct risk controls in place. We believe that designing and developing such a system from scratch represents a great obstacle for most stakeholders, and once fully developed, difficult to replicate. Such data collection and platform service offers should be done on an industrial scale and presented to other market participants as a distributed economy where all stakeholders will benefit.

In the meantime, the number of exchanges has increased to over 100 and continues to rise. Exchanges are facing issues of downtime due to maintenance, attacks, or even regulatory issues locking out trading during exchange downtime and resulting in unavailability of digital assets and potential losses. We also believe that the platform should address these exchange down times by offering a single API multi-exchange access. By having multi exchange access we will be able to address exchange downtime, liquidity issues, and digital asset lockdowns. Additionally, due to distributed system architecture, the platform itself should be resistant to attacks, offering greater availability and uptime for all stakeholders.

Currently, investing into top performing or portfolio-optimal digital asset strategies is a very complex process, and more often than not it’s hard to find an easy route into such an investment.
By providing building blocks for strategy design and trading automation, and by making the results of these strategies visible, investors will have an easier route into making a decision and invest into digital assets. This will allow investors to excel in their overall portfolio structure and returns. Smart contracts – wallets will represent a bond of trust between investors and strategy owners/digital assets managers.


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