Blockchain asset fund SatoshiPie achieves 3x annual growth in bitcoin and 11x in USD

SatoshiPie, a blockchain asset fund launched a year ago by SatoshiFund has reported massive growth highlighting a diversified group of blockchain assets outperforms a single leader. SatoshiFund was one of the first open investment companies to invest exclusively in blockchain assets, starting with $47,382 (102.65 BTC) under management and an initial price of $1 (0.00216636 BTC) for a SPIES token, a traded token of SatoshiPie.

SatoshiPie reporting as of today has grown the portfolio by 150x in the past year from $47,382 USD to $7,098,900 USD and by 42x from 102.65 BTC to 4,290.04 BTC.

The SPIES token price increased by 11x from $1 to $11.10 in USD and by 3x from 0.00216636 to 0.00670674 in BTC. In comparison, in the same period of time bitcoin grew by 3.6x in USD, and ethereum by 9.8x in USD.

The SPIES tokens are BitShares-based tokens representing an indirect non-voting fractional redeem right to SatoshiPie. All SPIES tokens are secured by blockchain assets of SatoshiPie.

In terms of investments, SatoshiPie leverages the unique experience of SatoshiFund which has been investing in blockchain assets since 2014 based on fundamentals such as a compound monthly growth rate, a number of transactions, trade volumes, an adoption rate, etc. Up to this point, SatoshiFund has a demonstrable record of good investment decisions. Every transaction made by investors or fund managers of SatoshiPie is recorded on blockchain and could be audited in real-time.

The primary investment focus of Satoshi Pie is on solutions that enable the essential autonomous infrastructure for a supranational economy which includes:
– decentralized computation
– decentralized data storage and communications
– decentralized exchanges
– decentralized investment solutions
– decentralized prediction markets
– decentralized reputation systems
– decentralized social networks
– cross chain gross settlement systems
– decentralized identity protocols
– decentralized smart contract frameworks
– decentralized networks of robots, etc.

Konstantin Lomashuk
CEO & Fund Manager, SatoshiPie

Konstantin Lomashuk, CEO of SatoshiFund said:

“A year ago we pioneered the blockchain investment market when we launched the first liquid blockchain-based fund that focuses on blockchain assets, our fund has unique features like 100% transparency and auditability.”

“The growth that we show is due to the right choice of assets and the best strategy of medium-term investments.”

More stats:

  • SatoshiPie holds 90% of its portfolio assets in liquid blockchain assets and diversifies its portfolio according to the rules specified in its white paper for the medium to and long-term.
  • On May 9, 2016, the SatoshiPie portfolio consisted of 8 blockchain assets. A year later it has 26 blockchain assets. The most profitable asset during the past year was Ethereum.
  • SatoshiPie had 3 investors at the beginning. Now, this number reached 221.

Source: CryptoNinjas.net

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