Blockchain asset wallet Exodus surprise update includes SALT token

Bitcoin and digital asset wallet Exodus put out a surprising update by adding support for blockchain asset token SALT. Exodus users will now be able to send, receive and exchange all supported Exodus assets for SALT (SALT).

SALT is an acronym for Secure Automated Lending Technology, the new platform allows users to keep their bitcoin, ether and other crypto and get cash without having to sell their coins. The platform won’t be launched until Q4 2017, with API development platform and tools coming in Q1 2018.

Those interested in further details of the latest Exodus update, see the full release notes below:


  • Portfolio has been optimized with a scrolling list for those of you who love having every asset turned on.
  • Easy add button in the portfolio is now in place to quickly allow for quick enabling/disabling of assets.


  • SALT (SALT) is listed. Users must update their application to version 1.35.0 for the capability to send and receive SALT tokens.
  • Exodus now does extra steps to make sure prices are accurate on slow networks.


  • Once ShapeShift (which is integrated within the Exodus wallet) enables Salt support, Exodus will allow users to exchange any asset for SALT.

Source: CryptoNinjas.net

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