BTCXchange launches its own UnionPay Debit Card

BTCXchange, the Romanian-headquartered bitcoin exchange today announced its own branded UnionPay Debit Card. Users can now order the card on the company site through Withdrawals > UnionPay Debit Card. The card can be loaded with USD from within users BTCXchange accounts and used to withdraw funds at ATMs, pay online and in stores.

The BTCXchange team said:

“Now there is no need to wait for wire transfers, you can load the card directly from your BTCXchange account, or keep your funds in bitcoin.”

“Please note, the UnionPay Card is not a Visa or Mastercard and therefore will not work at all ATMs, please check if this type of card is accepted in your region. UnionPay cards are accepted in the EuroNet network of ATMs.”

Card fees:

Issue fee: 25 USD
Conversion fee: USD > Your Currency (when paying and withdrawing from ATMs) – 0%
Loading fee: 3.99% (minimum 10 USD)
ATM withdrawal: 4.15 USD
Balance check ATM: 2.75 USD
Payment at POS: 1.25 USD


Payments/Withdrawals – 10,000 USD/month
Maximum one-time payment/withdrawal amount – 2,000 USD


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