BTCxCHANGE pauses ICO market investment portal

Romanian bitcoin exchange BTCxCHANGE announced today that after some complaints about the way in which its ICO Market portal worked, they decided to take the service down until it masters a better way to offer the service. The product was introduced earlier this year with the goal of making it simpler for users to allocate funds to featured token generation events.

Customers that have already purchased tokens will be able to withdraw them as expected as soon as the tokens will become transferable.

The BTCxCHANGE team said:

“We believe that it is more important to do one thing really well rather then do multiple things of questionable quality. As a result of this decission, the ability to buy new ICO tokens will be suspended on our website.”

“Operating the ICO Market for the last couple of months gave us a crucial understanding of how the ICO industry works and we will use this knowledge to come up with products that will address precisely the needs of this space.”



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