Canadian Senator Cautions on Bitcoin

In a personal blog post titled Bitcoin: Madness or Innovation?, Canadian Senator Celine Hervieux-Payette has advised a cautionary approach to Bitcoin as it is prone to frauds and other illegal uses.

The Senator, who is the Deputy Chair of Banking, Trade and Commerce posted on twitter that “#Bitcoin is a currency that might encourage frauds, Be careful!”

Canadian Senator Warns on Bitcoin

The blog starts by pointing out that Bitcoin does have an “expiry date” given the maximum limit of 21 million Bitcoins that can ever be mined in a high-cost process that occupies huge spaces. She then states that Bitcoin has become the favorite tool of criminals due to its unregulated and anonymous nature. The Silk Road takedown also took place because it facilitated buying/selling of illegal goods such as drugs and guns and used Bitcoin as the primary mode of payment. An increasing number of Bitcoin ransom attacks is another worrying aspect of the Bitcoin usage since the transactions are irreversible, and it becomes…


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