Bitcoin Magazine

January, 2018

  • 19 January

    Bitcoin Price Analysis: Potential Bearish Continuation Sets Up Lower Lows


    Shortly after a sharp drop from the mid $14,000 to the lower $9,000s, bitcoin saw a strong bounce to the upper $11,000s. At the time of this article, bitcoin appears to be consolidating and is ready to make its next move: Figure 1: BTC-USD, 1 Day Candles, Macro View In ...

  • 19 January

    Two New Services Could Help Investors Rate Cryptocurrencies


    Increasing interest in cryptocurrencies has led to an influx of new investors. Unlike traditional markets, there are few tools that can help people make informed decisions, a situation that has already begun to claim victims in a particularly volatile environment. In separate announcements, Weiss Ratings and Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE: ICE) ...

  • 19 January

    What is Ripple?


    By Shawn Gordon What is Ripple? Technically speaking, is Ripple a cryptocurrency in the mold of Bitcoin? The short answer is probably “no,” but that doesn’t stop it from often being lumped into that same category. What is Ripple? Originally released in 2012 as a subsequent iteration of Ripplepay, Ripple is ...

  • 19 January

    Cornell IC3 Researchers Propose Solution to Bitcoin’s Multisig “Paralysis” Problem


    Owning cryptocurrency comes with its own set of challenges. One of the biggest of those challenges is managing the private keys that enable you to spend funds. Lose your private keys, and your money is gone. In a business environment, a common way to manage funds owned by multiple people ...

  • 18 January

    Decentralizing the Sharing Economy With Blockchain Technology


    San Francisco–based startup Origin is creating a set of protocols that allow developers and businesses to build decentralized marketplaces on the blockchain, with a focus on the sharing economy. The Origin Protocol is a set of open-source blockchain protocols for buyers and sellers of services like car-sharing or home-sharing to ...

  • 18 January

    Blockstream Releases Lightning Charge, Launches Test E-Commerce Store


    Following the release of the first Bitcoin Lightning Network white paper, published in February 2015, developers have been working on Lightning Network implementations to enhance the throughput and usability of the Bitcoin network. For an overview, see this three-part series on “Understanding the Lightning Network.” In December 2017, lightning developers ...

  • 18 January

    “Bitcoin Laundering” Study: Where Do Criminals Turn to Mask Illicit Cryptoassets?


    A recent study (PDF) from the Foundation for Defense of Democracies’ Center on Sanctions and Illicit Finance and blockchain analytics company Elliptic explored the “bitcoin laundering” ecosystem. In the study, Elliptic’s forensic analysis of the Bitcoin blockchain and other publicly available data were used to track the flows of illicit ...

  • 17 January

    Halong Mining and MyRig Announce Partnership


    Halong Mining and MyRig are working together to bring the new DragonMint miner from Halong to market. First announced in November 2017, the new Halong Mining DragonMint 16T miner is the result of 12 months of R&D and a $30 million investment in development. It has a hashrate of 16th/s ...

  • 17 January

    Hyperledger’s Behlendorf: 2018 Will Bring Breakthrough Blockchain Developments


    Brian Behlendorf is confident that 2018 will be a peak year, not only for Hyperledger — the international consortium of companies and organizations developing open source, permissioned blockchain technology — but also for blockchain technology in general as businesses and governments recognize the potential power of distributed ledgers and smart ...

  • 17 January

    Cryptocurrency’s Red Tuesday Firesale Leaves Everyone Speculating


    The cryptocurrency sky fell yesterday as 49 of the top 50 coins (by Market Cap) were down with only Tether (USDT) posting a gain. In fact, only two coins, KuCoin Shares and VeChain, showed losses less than 10 percent and only 12 of the top 50 have lost less than ...