BTC Manager

June, 2017

  • 27 June

    Swiss Villa on Sale for 829 Bitcoin


    A Swiss real estate agent has offered a Villa in Ticino for 829 bitcoin. That’s the first Swiss Villa sold for bitcoin – but just the tip of the iceberg. Is the leading cryptocurrency on its way to becoming the global currency of the wealthy? Sometimes it is said, bitcoin ...

  • 27 June

    Artist Envisions The Visual Representation Of A Bitcoin


    Bitcoin is a digital currency, it does not operate under the rules that govern other currencies and therefore does not take a physical form. However, artist Matthias Dörfelt decided to create a project named Block Bills, as an artistic contribution to the blockchain technology space. Dörfelt unveiled his version of ...

  • 27 June

    Venezuela in Crisis: Bitcoin Remains a Haven


    The inflation rate of the Venezuelan bolivar has increased to triple digits, leading to a financial turmoil which Venezuelans have struggled to cope with over the past two years. As a result, families and households have turned toward bitcoin, a decentralized digital currency, to mitigate the financial damage inflicted by ...

  • 26 June

    SegWit Looks More Likely, Ether Flash Crash Raises Concerns of Moral Hazard: BTCManager’s Week in Review June 26


    It has been another interesting week for the crypto economy. SegWit2x Alpha, which aims to solve many of bitcoin’s scalability issues, is out and has so far received over 75 percent support from the bitcoin blockchain’s hashrate. While ether experienced a flash crash sending the cryptoasset to a low of ...

  • 26 June

    Understanding Block Weight: How much Capacity does SegWit really Give?


    With SegWit2x we’ll soon experience the activation of SegWit. Block size will be replaced by block weight, transactions capacity will be increased, and fees will fall. But how exactly and to what scope is not an easy question. In recent weeks the public argument shifted from the question, if SegWit ...

  • 26 June

    Coming to your Altcoin soon: Lack of Capacity Causes Congestion on Ethereum


    The problem is well known for Bitcoin; there are more transactions than miners can confirm. Now the shortage has reached Ethereum. Especially after popular ICOs, like Status’, the transaction volume is far beyond the network’s capacity. This problem could be easily solved. The miners, however, resist. Actually, Status is not ...

  • 25 June

    Bitcoin Wallets and Exchanges: Haven for Cybercriminals?


    It is widely known that Bitcoin has enjoyed immense popularity with underground crime markets because of the anonymity associated with financial transactions. Despite becoming mainstream for traditional businesses and everyday consumer commerce, crypto’s nefarious use remains strong, with ransomware and other criminal actors brazenly seeking to extort payment in Bitcoin ...

  • 25 June

    Blockchain to Bring Provable Fairness to Online Gambling


    Gambling is considered one of the most ancient traditions found in the humankind regardless of culture or civilization. There are known instances of gambling in the Roman Republic, ancient Egypt, ancient China, and even the Northern Europe. There are numerous examples of games of chance played at the dawn of ...

  • 25 June

    Blockchain Startup Colu Launches Digitized Local Pound for East London


    Tel Aviv-based blockchain company Colu announced the launch of its second local digital currency in the United Kingdom, named the “Local Pound, East London” (ELP) a digital currency pegged against the British Pound. Colu believes that the key to supporting local businesses and creating an environment where sustainable and equitable ...

  • 24 June

    Declaring Crypto at the U.S. Border: Say What?


    With terrorist activity concerns continuing to escalate, four U.S. senators have proposed legislation that would lead to significantly expanded federal government powers to seize citizen money when traveling to or from the United States. On May 25, a bi-partisan congressional group consisting of Sens. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), ...