Coin Telegraph

March, 2017

  • 3 March

    Popping Fintech Bubble: How UK Startup Became Licensed Bank


    Just last August the UK banking startup Monzo became a licensed bank and is set to change the way we view traditional banking after announcing it is planning to launch its free current account this summer. Allowed to hold less than £50,000 Founded in early 2015, the digital-only bank challenger ...

  • 3 March

    Ethereum Nears All-Time High Price And $2 Bln Market Cap, Dash Slows


    Ethereum gained an average 12 percent on Friday to rival its highest ever price, while its market cap approaches $2 bln, data shows. The highest placed altcoin has been riding a wave of popularity after a protracted slump to go from $12 to $20 per coin within a week. The ...

  • 3 March

    What Bitcoin Lacks to Become Major Currency


    Over the past few months, the Bitcoin community has been debating about the purpose of the Bitcoin network. Is it supposed to serve its global network of users as a settlement network? Or should it perform as digital gold for investors using it as a safe haven asset and to ...

  • 3 March

    North Dakota Says No To Crypto Regulation, Joins US Gray Area States


    North Dakota’s attempt to pass regulation recommendations for virtual currencies has failed to pass into law. The vaguely-worded bill ND 2100, which passed the state senate in January, received a crushing defeat at the House of Representatives this week, with 84 out 94 votes cast against it. The original scheme ...

  • 3 March

    India Central Bank: Confidence in Bitcoin, Blockchain Can Only Come From Authority Endorsement


    Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Deputy Governor Rama Gandhi has implied confidence in virtual currency can only come about if authorities endorse it. In cautionary remarks on Bitcoin and Blockchain on Wednesday, the central bank senior also said decentralized technology overtaking traditional forms of tender is a “pipe dream.” “It ...

  • 3 March

    Roger Ver “Saves Few Bucks” With Dash, Loses $30,000 To Bitcoin Volatility: Woo


    Bitcoin commentator Willy Woo has called out Roger Ver over his use of Dash to get around Bitcoin’s transaction fees. Ver, a proponent of increasing block sizes considerably in order to increase capacity, yesterday said he had resorted to using altcoin Dash to move his money in order to avoid ...

  • 3 March

    Bitcoin Exchange Bter Resumes Withdrawals: “Good Start” for China


    Smaller Chinese cryptocurrency exchange Bter has resumed withdrawals in what commentator cnLedger describes as a “good start.” Bter, which like other Chinese exchanges suspended withdrawals following directives from the People’s Bank of China, now allows traders to withdraw up to 10BTC per day. A good start. Bter, a smaller ...

  • 3 March

    Bitcoin Price Rally Shows It Has Become Truly Independent of Governments: Experts


    Recently there has been a number of global regulatory actions towards Bitcoin, governments have issued warnings, policies and legislation that could be seen as efforts to slow down Bitcoin. Ironically, developments have seen the cryptocurrency increase in market price and trade volumes, as Bitcoin price climbed above gold on March ...

  • 2 March

    Gavin Andresen: “Run Bitcoin Unlimited” To Solve “Destructive Congestion”


    Gavin Andresen has voiced his direct support for Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) as the solution to the network’s capacity problems. In a tweet on Wednesday, the former Bitcoin Core developer and Bitcoin Foundation founder described BU as “a viable, practical solution to destructive transaction congestion.” Run Bitcoin Unlimited. It is ...

  • 2 March

    Kraken Acquires Bitcoin Data Firm, CEO Explains Growth & Vision


    Leading global Bitcoin exchange Kraken finalized its acquisition of yet another Bitcoin company in Cryptowatch this week, to offer a variety of advanced and high-performance tools for the company’s international user base. Over the past two years, Kraken has transformed itself into a global Bitcoin powerhouse, establishing its strong presence ...