#XBT: Latest News

June, 2017

  • 27 June

    Russia's Crypto-Winter Shows Signs of a Thaw in Saint Petersburg


    A mixed crowd of denim jeans and custom-tailored suits, typical for crypto-events, is standing across the vertical aisle of the the main conference area at the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Saint Petersburg, blocking the line of sight for those lucky enough to have snatched themselves a chair in the ...

  • 27 June

    ICO Hype Attracts Investors but Also Skeptics and Financial Regulators Worldwide


    The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) craze has been a crowdfunding spectacle over the past two years gathering millions of dollars from investors. Lately, ICOs have been more prominent than ever and are starting to draw attention from government regulators and skeptics of these token projects filled with promises. Also read: A ...

  • 27 June

    A Look at the Upcoming US Uniform Regulation of Virtual Currencies Business Act


    According to reports, some proposed U.S. legislative framework for virtual currencies will be presented in San Diego sometime between July 14-20. The “Uniform Regulation of Virtual Currencies Business Act” was drafted by the Uniform Law Commission (ULC), a nonprofit that tries to establish a statutory law across many jurisdictions and ...

  • 27 June

    European exchange BitPanda integrates all-in-one Ethereum wallet


    Austria-headquartered BitPanda announced today that due to the growing popularity of Ethereum, they’ve built an Ether wallet into the platform. This allows users to now store ETH in an intuitive and secure manner, making funds accessible at any time without leaving BitPanda. The company also adding an Ether sell option, which ...

  • 27 June

    Major Indian Bitcoin Exchange Unocoin Offline After Discovering Major Security Flaw


    Unocoin, an industry leader among India’s bitcoin exchanges, went offline on Monday night following the discovery of a serious security vulnerability. Also Read: Indian Bitcoin Adoption Responds to Government Signalling for Regulation The Vulnerabilities Have Surfaced Just Weeks After a Unocoin Customer’s Account Was Hacked Major Indian bitcoin exchange, Unocoin, ...

  • 27 June

    FBI: Hackers Extorted $28 Million in Cryptocurrencies Last Year


    On June 22, the Federal Bureau of Investigation presented its annual Internet Crime Report for the year of 2016. The FBI analyzed the victim reports at the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) and used the information from their database to publish the annual study. It is important to mention that, ...

  • 27 June

    Romanian bitcoin exchange BTCXchange launches new ICO market interface


    Romanian headquartered bitcoin exchange BTCXchange today announced a new dedicated ICO page to make it easier to get involved in new ICO launches. BTCXchange now offers a simple interface through which investors can purchase ICOs directly through the platform and have them safely stored in their account – no technical knowledge required. ...

  • 27 June

    Blockchain application platform Lisk launches first major release, Lisk Nano 1.0


    Lisk, the blockchain application platform, today announced the launch of Lisk Nano 1.0 to the main network, marking the first major release for a Lisk product. With increased community interest and participation, LSK, the cryptocurrency underlying the platform, has grown 16 times its listed price as of January 1, 2017. ...

  • 27 June

    Pakistani Economic Think-Tank Argues That Pakistani Monetary Policy Should Mimic Bitcoin


    The Policy Research Institute of Market Economy in Pakistan has outlined a number of economic issues that could be alleviated by greater adoptions of bitcoin and other virtual currencies within Pakistan. The institute cites a large underbanked population, underdeveloped financial apparatus, and rampant inflation as major economic and social problems ...

  • 27 June

    Swiss Villa on Sale for 829 Bitcoin


    A Swiss real estate agent has offered a Villa in Ticino for 829 bitcoin. That’s the first Swiss Villa sold for bitcoin – but just the tip of the iceberg. Is the leading cryptocurrency on its way to becoming the global currency of the wealthy? Sometimes it is said, bitcoin ...