cofoundit-token-cfi-300x169.png token ready to begin trading on Bittrex, Liqui, and Gatecoin

Blockchain startup and ICO advisory announced today its token (CFI) will start trading start on Monday, June 19 at noon PST / 9 PM CEST on the following exchanges: Bittrex, Liqui, and Gatecoin.

CFI token trading gives new opportunities to enter the platform ecosystem even if you missed our pre-sale. The pre-sale was open to Priority Pass members only and sold out in just two days in the world’s biggest pre-sale raising $14.8 million.

The CFI token will open Priority Pass membership to a wider audience, and enable engaged supporters to get early access to the first project crowdsales — such as Musiconomi, and X8 Currency in July.

In the long-term, the CFI token is aimed at becoming the fuel of the platform and will be used in crowd-sourced project evaluation and within the marketplace for expert services. CEO Jan Isakovic said the team is working on adding even more exchanges in the coming weeks/months.


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