CoinDash announces token sale date for July 17th

Cryptocurrency portfolio and social trading platform CoinDash has officially announced the date for the company token sale today, scheduled to begin on July 17th. The startup is fresh of receiving three significant institutional investments.

The first investment came from blockchain accelerator Coinsilium, with blockchain-based hedge fund HyperChain Capital joining next, and finally, Chinese cryptocurrency and blockchain investment specialist Fintech Blockchain Group entered in to support the project. Now supporters and the public will have a chance to back the company and receive CoinDash CDT tokens.

The company’s journey all started back in October 2016 when CoinDash entered the hackathon with a proof-of-concept for its intelligent dashboard for crypto assets. The simple yet powerful concept led them to win first place amongst over 70 projects which gave ConDash its first validation for its product and vision.

The token sale will take place on July 17th, 2017, at 13:00 PM GMT and will last for 28 days or until CoinDash reaches a $12M hard cap.

Participating in the token sale will be conducted by sending Ethereum into the token sale’s smart contract address which will be disclosed at a later date.

Alon Muroch, CEO of CoinDash stated:

“In order for CoinDash to scale and build the best product we know how to, we are inviting you, our community, to participate in our funding event and help us executing CoinDash’s vision. ”

“I would like to take this opportunity and thank all who took part in the process and make it possible to bring CoinDash to life. Together we will create the future of trading.”

For more details view the CoinDash white paper.


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