CoinTree updates Bitcoin network fee and adds more altcoins

Australia crypto exchange CoinTree announced new altcoins to the service today plus improved BTC fee calculations to ensure a timely transfer on the Bitcoin network. Recently, bitcoin service fees have increased and today’s changes will help transfers confirm on the bitcoin network just as quick as usual.

  • Altered how the economy fee option works. Previously, economy sends would be batched and broadcast at an appropriate time when the bitcoin network is quiet. However, the bitcoin network has been seeing fewer predictable quiet times recently. Thus CoinTree has opted to immediately broadcast user transfers at a reduced fee. CoinTree will be monitoring this over the next few weeks to ensure transfers meet the right balance of cheap network fees and quick confirmation times. Please note, bitcoin network fees are not a CoinTree fee.
  • Added a button to quickly send whole bitcoin balances, saving time from having to manually calculate it.

In the past weeks, the exchange made other changes by upping the minimum bitcoin purchase amount and also raised CoinTree commission by 1%.

Also announced were new altcoins additions as mentioned, the details can be found below:

Added: Aragon, GameCredits, Gnosis, Matchpool, Komodo, iExec, Swarm City, TokenCard, WeTrust, Wings.

Removed: BitCrystals, BitcoinDark, Emercoin, Factoids, Lisk, Maidsafe, Omni, Nubits, Shadowcash, Siacoin, StorjX, Steem, Tether, Counterparty.


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