Crypto exchange ICE3X introduces bitcoin e-vouchers

South Africa-based ICE3X as announced bitVoucha, a new e-voucher service for cryptocurrency on the iceCUBED exchange platform. Users are now able to use their available cryptocurrency balance to create a voucher that you can give to anyone.

They can print it, send it via WhatsApp, email, SMS or even publish it online for competitions. The recipient can instantly redeem the bitVoucha on the iceCUBED exchange platform.

What are the benefits of a voucher?

Since the transaction is handled off-chain and instead in the company backend, there are no transfer fees, and users are able to give R10 or R20 worth of BTC to someone.

Give bitcoin to someone with zero transaction fees – the person redeeming the voucher receives the bitcoin in their account on the exchange the moment they redeem it.

A voucher can be issued and redeemed a minute later. This transfer of bitcoin to another user is can be faster than waiting for confirmations on the bitcoin network during peak periods.

Give bitcoin as a gift – The voucher can be given to someone as a gift, even if they don’t know how to use bitcoin. Print it onto a card or write it in a note. The user can redeem the crypto and withdraw it to their own crypto wallet, or if they want Rand, they can trade it for Rand and withdraw to their bank account.



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