CryptoKitties sign a marriage contract on blockchain: How will the offspring be divided?

CryptoKitties, a game rapidly growing in popularity, saw an unexpected development – two virtual kitties signed the first marriage contract on blockchain on December 7th. According to the official agreement, if they have any offspring, all the income from it will be evenly divided between the two Ethereum-felines, and that was made possible thanks to the TRUST Service. The Crypto Kitties has already become the second most popular project on the Ethereum network – over 20% of the network’s transactions have been carried out in it (around $8 million). According to the creators’ design, each kitty is tied to a unique digital token and has a unique “genetic makeup”, which allows the virtual pets to be crossbred to create unique progeny.

Digital asset company BANKEX decided to go further and use a working prototype of one of their products to make a comic marriage contract between cryptokitties. The company intends to use this way to draw attention to the matter of recording, storing and validating actual documents on blockchain.

We were thinking: why not make a contract between cryptokitties, it is simple, partially informal, but still valid and real? All the communication regarding the “newlyweds” and their future offspring or “property” uses understandable human language and will be recorded on the blockchain and supported by additional paperwork. This means that the information regarding a mutual agreement of two Ethereum wallet owners is going to be preserved forever – it cannot be destroyed or altered later. Despite how amusing it might seem, such development and subsequences of it can uncover the market demands and raise the awareness about the capabilities of blockchain technologies among the general public ». – Strategic director of BANKEX Constantine Kurbatov explains.

It’s still possible to adopt a crypto kitty in the new crypto space by installing the MetaMask extension – don’t forget to document your love on the blockchain.



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