Cryptopay launches its bitcoin wallet service for mobile with new iOS app

Cryptopay, a bitcoin wallet and payment platform which include quick exchange capabilities today finally launched its services in a mobile app, starting first with iPhone users. Accounts in BTC, GBP, USD, and EUR are available and the company’s bitcoin plastic and virtual debit card features remain the same.

The Cryptopay team said:

“Cryptopay has been a web-service for around four years, meaning all mobile users have to manage bitcoins through a web-browser. While these all were jolly good times, it’s time to move bitcoin into your pocket, both literally and metaphorically.”


1. Buy, receive, store, send and exchange bitcoins
2. Use plastic bitcoin debit card to withdraw cash at ATMs or shop in-store
3. Pay online with a virtual bitcoin debit card
4. Scan QR-codes to send bitcoins to your friends
5. Make private and secure transactions
6. Protect your account with PIN-code and Touch ID


1. Get extended support via Live Chat
2. Enhance account security with two-factor authentication.
3. Top up your account with SEPA transfers


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