Darkode Forum Ready for Revival with Blockchain Verification

Darkode, which is a notorious cybercrime forum, indicated that it is ready to resume operations after numerous arrests and a government takedown. According to a forum status post earlier in the week, most of the Darkode staff is still intact, along with several senior members.

The post also indicated that the government raids were mostly focused on new members of the forum or on people that have retired from the cybercrime scene in years. The forum will resume on an invite-only basis that will require blockchain verification.

Forum Blockchain Verification

Only confirmed active members will be granted an invite and authentication will be conducted using blockchain API. The forum will not store any other information other than the user alias, if he or she decides to select one.

For now, the forum post advised members to be wary of other people publicly claiming to be part of Darkode and that some may have been acting as informants already. This Darkode admin post was made by…

Source: NewsBTC.com

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