Decentralized antique coin sharing platform to release of ERC-20 based token

XNC, a decentralized antique sharing platform announced the switch to an ERC-20 based token, the token switch event will start on June, 10th.

XNC is a project to build a decentralized antique sharing platform. The XNC project was started in 2015 as proof of stake consensus system. Back in December 2016, its token creation event was concluded and started as XNC 2.0 project. Antique Coin is the first product that will be launch next week.

Antique Coin has physical and digital values because it holds Gold, Silver, Platinum, and many scarce resources shared among token holders and builds on an Ethereum smart contract.

XNC aims to be a next-generation feature of the financial system. It will provide a hash registry to store certificate data. Further, users can send and exchange the certificate got the XNC token and other ERC-20 based tokens.XNC project will release market place

XNC project plans to release a marketplace mid-2018 and a token bounty program as soon as possible. Real value and digital value will be combined with the XNC project. The project goal is building a peer-to-peer and credit ecosystem for global unbanked users.

The project site is available now.

Source: CryptoNinjas.net

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