Delivering Medicinal Marijuana by Drone

After eBay first released the idea of making deliveries via drones, many companies started to follow this same method. Now a San Francisco-based company announced its plans to deliver bitcoin-purchased medicinal cannabis to customers via drone.

A startup named Trees has unveiled a plan to start delivering prescription medication via drone. The company claims to be licensed and even offers a service that enables customers to go through an online doctor evaluation to be able to get the prescription the very same day.

Companies like Trees got what looked like a green light to start their engines when a judge ruled on March 6 that the FAA did not have the authority to enforce a blanket ban on small commercial drones, ending six years of prohibition.

Trees is not the first company using the same delivery method to accept Bitcoin payments for legal marijuana;

QuiQui, is another startup that specializes in Drone pharmacy deliveries and is already making deliveries on its mission…


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