Deutsche Bank Letter Touts Expertise in Blockchain Tech

Deutsche Bank is exploring the use of the blockchain for a variety of potential applications, according to a recent letter from the German megabank.

The bank was one of a number of respondents to a call for evidence by the European Securities and Markets Authority, which is currently establishing how it will regulate digital currencies. The EU securities watchdog issued a request for feedback in April. The bank did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

According to the letter, attributed to global head of regulatory policy Daniel Trinder, Deutsche Bank sees the blockchain as “an area where we have particular interest and expertise”, adding that it is not currently engaged in digital currency trading or issuance. The bank also pointed to a roadmap it unveiled earlier this year in which it outlined plans to explore new financial technologies.

Deutsche Bank cited the following areas of potential blockchain application in its letter:

  • Fiat…

Source: CoinDesk

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