Ellcrys is a Breath of Fresh Air for Open Source Collaborators

· January 21, 2018 · 6:00 pm

Ellcrys is an up and coming blockchain network that aims to revolutionize the way developers work together. In addition to trying to revitalize collaborative efforts, the company has an ICO that promises to make the mining and distribution of its native cryptocurrency fairer and more accessible.

A Growing Problem

Technology has infiltrated every part of our everyday lives leading to a surge of products and services and, along with it, the demand for people to develop these projects. Unfortunately, current web service providers limit organization accounts to only one admin or owner. This structure, present on services like Github, Stripe, and Heroku, gives a single person the power to add or remove people at will and manage the account resources. A framework such as this is incompatible with future decentralization, where there is no single owner, no leader, no trust, and no headquarters.

Ellcrys, a recently announced blockchain network, hopes to solve the limitations that developers confront.

The company plans to create an open, transparent, blockchain-backed environment for building software projects based on git and IPFS technologies. It aims to decentralize git hosting and provide a governance protocol that will allow multiple people to co-own and manage a software project.  What’s wrong with Github? Nothing alarming, claims Ellcrys, but the company expressed concerns that hosting repositories on Github could lead to the censorship of projects in the future.

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