Exodus wallet adds support for Euros and adds confirmation tracking

Exodus, a provider of software to secure, manage and trade blockchain assets recently added Euro support. Users are able to track their portfolios in USD and EUR with the Exodus team stating more currency support will be included in future updates. Changing to Euros updates fiat prices everywhere in the application as well as adds Euro support in exchange operations.

Further, Exodus now tracks bitcoin confirmations, and warns users with a tag, when transactions remain unconfirmed. This welcomed feature will help new users track down transaction delays and expose low fee deposits on unconfirmed transactions.

All recent performance fixes and updates are below:


  • NEW: Exodus now supports displaying fiat amounts in Euros. You can now toggle between USD/EUR via the developer menu.
  • IMPROVED: General performance improvements throughout the entire application.
  • IMPROVED: Wallet and settings sections now remember previous selections. Before they would default to the first available selection.


  • IMPROVED: Bitcoin now tracks and tags unconfirmed transactions. This should help notify users of low fee or unconfirmed individual transactions on the Bitcoin network.
  • IMPROVED: Bitcoin default fees adjusted to reflect more accurate pricing to help speed transactions with the latest bitcoin network congestion.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed historical pricing data in the transaction detail view on Ethereum and ERC20 (Golem and Augur) assets.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed “Loading…” message never going away on a brand-new install.

For the first iteration of multi-currency support, the feature it is hidden in the developer menu. Eventually, users will be able to change this easily in the normal settings section in Exodus.

To change to Euro support you need to access the developer menu, a screenshot is shown below for MacOS, for Windows and Linux hit Ctrl + Shift + D to access the developer menu:

Source: CryptoNinjas.net

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