Hong Kong’s ANX set to launch new decentralized exchange with ICO

Hong Kong-headquartered ANX Intl (ANX), a financial technology provider focused on digital assets has recently announced its new decentralized exchange (DEX) platform through their latest innovative project called “OpenANX”. There is also an ICO set to commence in 8 days beginning on June 22nd.

ANX helps clients harness the advantages of blockchain technology. They have made significant progress in digital assets innovation and their expertise in the blockchain and payments field are the foundations of ANX. Their primary aim is to make digital assets easy and accessible to everyone, irrespective of where they are from.

ANX software provides a one-stop solution that merges blockchain technologies with traditional payment networks in the new digital assets ecosystem. Some of their services include:

i. ANX Payment Solutions
ii. ANX Blockchain Solutions, and
iii. ANX Next Commercial Solutions.

According to Hugh Madden, Director of Technology, openANX:

“ANX firmly believes decentralized exchanges will dominate the cryptocurrency market. We plan to lead the march toward this future through openANX, which will be fully open sourced, transparently governed, and kickstarted by ANX’s technology, experience in operating an exchange, infrastructure, and wide network of users.”

At the core of the openANX platform is the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), which is run by smart contracts. The governance model affects the way the DAO behaves, thus always staying in the best interest of all participants. The public has been made aware of the offer of buying the “OAX Token” that will launch on June 22nd, same day as the launching of the exchange platform.

Some of the core features of the DEX will includes the following:

– Aggregated Order Books
– Risk Transparency
– Assets Gateways
– Disputes Resolution, among others.

This is really something that is worth looking forward to and with the innovative prowess of the company behind this openANX (OAX) project, one can’t help but be excited about the positive prospects.


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