Japan bitcoin exchange Coincheck resumes interest bearing lending service

Coincheck, a Tokyo-headquartered bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange, one of the largest in the world, has announced the resumption of Coincheck Lending which was first introduced last month.

Reinstated last Friday, June 16th, the service allows users to earn bitcoin by lending their BTC to Coincheck with interest for a fixed period. Users can select their preferred deposit terms from the options below.

Terms and Yearly Rate (subject to change)

14 days 1%/year
30 days 2%/year
90 days 3%/year
365 days 5%/year

Example: If a user deposits 10 BTC for lending with the 90 days/3% of annual rate, they will earn a relatively risk-free [10BTC] × [0.03] × [90days] ÷ 365 = 0.0739726BTC.


-Coincheck Lending is not subject to Japan Payment Services Act. Hence, lent cryptocurrencies are not managed as segregated funds.
-The price of cryptocurrency is always fluctuating. The price when you lent cryptocurrency and price when you sell is different. Please be aware there’s always a risk.
-To use Coincheck Lending, please note that user must agree with the consumption loan agreement, which is an unsecured contract. Hence, users have a risk not being able to receive lent cryptocurrencies in a case when Coincheck bankrupt.
-Users are prohibited from selling or sending lent cryptocurrencies until the end of a term or when Coincheck decides to return it.
-This service is not a deposit item, it is not subject to deposit insurance.
-Lending service is available to approved applicants only.
-There is an upper limit to the total amount you can deposits. Lending is not guaranteed.
-Lending may be terminated earlier than user’s preferred term. In this case, prorated yearly rate will be paid.
-Interests are paid at the end of fixed term as cryptocurrency you’ve lent.
-All cryptocurrencies that are listed on Coincheck is supported.
-Supported cryptocurrencies may be changed without notice.


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