Japan exchange Coincheck launches interest-paying accounts for bitcoin

Nikkei Asian Review from Tokyo has reported this morning that popular Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck is introducing to bitcoin holders interest bearing accounts. As one of the larger domestic exchange in Japan, Coincheck will be the first to offer a type of interest paying fixed term deposit accounts for the leading digital currency.

Coincheck, which is headquartered in Tokyo will offer four plans for BTC depositors:

  •  14 days at 1% annual interest rate
  • 30 days at 2% annual interest rate
  • 90 days at 3% annual interest rate
  • Annually at 5% interest rate

An example from the shown rates would mean a client looking to deposit 10 bitcoin ($16,864 USD at present) for 90 days would earn roughly $125 USD or 0.07412 BTC. It breaks down to about 0.0082% per day.

This should be attractive to bitcoin holders and give the incentive to keep their coins in savings or at least part of them. It could also mean the attraction of international flow of bitcoin to the exchange.

The Financial Services Agency of Japan has been working on new bitcoin exchange regulation set to debut this year, requiring stringent checkups and requirements akin to the banking sector. According to Nikkei, Coincheck’s deposit service is exempt from banking regulations and recent revisions to fund settlement law, as bitcoin is not legal tender. Just recently, however, new regulations passed in the country deemed bitcoin would not be penalized as a payment method.


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