Korea bitcoin exchange Bithumb adds support for Litecoin

Announced on Thursday of this week from Bithumb, Korea’s largest bitcoin, and digital currency exchange was news of litecoin (LTC) being listed. The announcement looks to have provided further positive momentum for the “little brother” of bitcoin and Sunday has seen a continuing of the bull run which got underway starting on March 30th.

Litecoin, specifically LTC/USD topped $30 today on most trading exchanges. Heading upwards from its long time slumber and consolidation at $4.

Earlier in the week, it was also announced from popular US-headquartered exchange Coinbase, that LTC would now be supported in normal brokerage buy/sell, transactions, and wallet services. The digital asset exchange company back in March also introduced LTC trading for New York clients on its professional based GDAX platform.

Daily LTC/USD chart from November 2016. SegWit and Bitcoin scaling issues led people to shift money to LTC.

Trading litecoin on Bithumb allows for the trading of LTC vs. KRW for Korean users. The new market has already jumped to number three in most traded today as recorded by CoinMarketCap.

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