MyEtherWallet partners with INFURA for back-end infrastructure

MyEtherWallet (MEW), the popular service for generating Ether wallets, sending, receiving, and interacting with Smart Contracts, tracking ENS activity and more has announced a partnership with INFURA, a secure, stable, fault tolerant and scalable Ethereum and IPFS node provider. The partnership will deliver additional dedicated back-end infrastructure to augment MyEtherWallet’s developing services.

MEW has long provided an option for users to switch to other back-end services for connecting to the Ethereum Mainnet. This partnership provides one more option.

Growing infrastructure costs are very real and non-trivial. To some degree, it is the infrastructure providers that provide the gateway to send transactions to the Ethereum network who are bearing the real costs of the spikes in traffic associated with all of the token sales.

By adding native support for INFURA, MEW users are now able to choose three different infrastructure providers to submit these transactions through, thus helping to decentralize the gateway dependencies and provide users with more choices.

Michael Wuehler, Founder of INFURA and Ethereum NYC said:

“Over the last few months, the infrastructure demands on the Ethereum network have exploded primarily driven by token sale events and Ethereum Name Service (ENS) activity.”

“By providing additional infrastructure capacity we believe we enable the MEW team a little relief with dealing with infrastructure and allow them to focus on their core strength, which has been building excellent wallet software.”

“INFURA and MyEtherWallet have long held similar goals and values in the Ethereum ecosystem with a primary focus on making Ethereum stronger, better and more accessible. Both teams have been around since the beginning and have earned the respect from the larger community by building solid products that work today, enabling users and developers to interact with Ethereum.”

By including native support for INFURA, MEW has effectively created an additional pipeline to send ETH transactions into the pending transaction pool. Additional scaling work needs to be done to resolve further challenges according to Wuehler.


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