Online payment provider Worldcore to expand blockchain services with ICO

Worldcore, founded in 2014 and which offers a wide range of global payment solutions including access to bank payments, e-currency payments, prepaid debit cards, mass payments, payouts to any Visa/Mastercard/UnionPay credit/debit cards and international payment processing for both individuals and businesses will soon begin a token sale to expand out its services.

The team is now getting ready for its Initial Coin Offering campaign which will begin with a presale of Worldcore tokens. In just two weeks from today, on October 2nd, the presale will open with a minimum purchase amount of 500,000 WRC tokens ($50,000+ purchase).

The crowdsale with a minimum purchase of 100 WRC tokens ($10) will start on October 14th.

Customers of Worldcore include:

  • Freelancers –  can accept payments from clients worldwide without worrying about details.
  • Big companies – can do business and get all types of payments with Worldcore. The use of a Worldcore account significantly simplifies payout processes, so that companies can make transfers to suppliers and partners, pay salaries, make rent payments, pay taxes, etc.
  • Fundraisers – can get donations from people without any limitations. A wide array of payment options increases the chances of reaching a target amount.
  • Online shops and retailers – can benefit from payments by cards, bank transfers, and cryptocurrency.
  • Online marketplaces – can offer more depositing/withdrawal options to their customers.
  • Common people – who want to send money to their relatives, friends and loved ones without any limitations.
  • All sorts of small businesses – like translation services, travel agencies, HR consultants, advertising companies, software developers,  etc,  selling their services worldwide.

The present product line of Worldcore includes:

  • Payment Account for bank transfers
  • Worldcore prepaid debit card
  • Worldcore prepaid virtual card
  • Mass (batch) payments
  • PayAnyCard (card loading with cryptocurrencies)
  • Smart Invoicing
  • Checkout for merchants (SCI)
  • API for automated payouts
  • Solutions for crypto community
  • Affiliate program

Worldcore is making an attempt and is ready to integrate usual financial products into the blockchain sector of the economy. Regardless of whether a client is working with bank transfers, plastic cards or cryptocurrencies, everything can be managed through a Worldcore account.

The Worldcore ICO will help to extend the company portfolio by adding blockchain products. If WRC tokens are sold out, the Worldcore product portfolio will be supplemented by the following:

  • Brokerage platform for blockchain assets trading.
  • UK-regulated Blockchain-powered P2P lending platform.
  • Blockchain-based cash money transfer platform for easy and instant conversion of cryptocurrencies into cash and vice versa in 1000+ of pickup points internationally including all Worldcore offices.

The ICO is one of the major events in Worldcore’s history. In summary, the goal of the ICO is to accelerate corporate growth, introduce blockchain integration and launch new FinTech products.

Worldcore CEO, Alexey Nasonov

Concerning to the ICO, CEO of Worldcore Alexey Nasonov stated:

“Worldcore is a reflection of me. I devoted more than three years to this project to offer the best payment products, introduce the most advanced security technologies, and to develop dynamically. We became the number one company in the Czech Republic and I am sure that in the next 2 years we will enter the top 20 in Europe.”

“I have put my soul and invested more than 3 million euros of my personal funds to Worldcore, to make it the company you see and use today. And I believe that we will do better after getting invested through ICO, by boosting the company growth and extending our product portfolio.”

“Worldcore’s ICO is a history in the making. By buying WRC tokens, you get an opportunity to participate in a great business success story while making money in the process.”

Alexey was listed in the 2016 New Europe 100 list of changemakers in Central and Eastern Europe by the Financial Times.