QTUM futures now available on BitMEX

BitMEX, the cryptocurrency derivatives exchange announced the launch of QTUM Futures contracts, expiry 29 September 12:00 UTC with symbol QTUMU17. Each contract is worth 1 QTUM and the contract offers 2x leverage.

Since the QTUM platform is still under development, the following rules will apply:

  • QTUMU17 will have 25% Up and Down Limit against the previous session close price to prevent price manipulation. Session id 8 hours long and runs from 12:00-20:00, 20:00-04:00, and 04:00-12:00 UTC.
  • The settlement will occur either at the ICO price (if QTUM/XBT trading has not begun) or at the .QTUMXBT30M Index Price if QTUM/XBT has begun trading prior to 28 September 120:00 UTC.

The QTUM futures’ underlying is the QTUM/XBT exchange rate on Bittrex as recorded in the .QTUMXBT Index. The futures are quoted in bitcoin and all margin and PNL calculations are denominated in bitcoin.

  Contract Calculations
Multiplier 1
XBT Contract Value Multiplier * Futures Price * 1 QTUM
USD Contract Value XBT Contract Value * XBTUSD
PnL Calculation # Contracts * Multiplier * (Exit Price – Entry Price)

Traders who think that the price of QTUM will rise will buy the futures contract. Conversely, traders who believe the price will drop will sell the futures contract.

Margin and Leverage

All margin is posted in bitcoin, that means traders can go long or short this contract using only bitcoin. The QTUM futures contracts feature a leverage of up to 2x.

For example, to buy 10 bitcoin worth of contracts, you will only require 5 bitcoin of initial margin.

What is Qtum?

Qtum is an open source Blockchain project that is developed by the Singapore-based Qtum Foundation. Qtum is a hybrid blockchain application platform. Qtum’s core technology combines a fork of bitcoin core, an Account Abstraction Layer allowing for multiple Virtual Machines including the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and Proof-of-Stake consensus aimed at tackling industry use cases. The Qtum project offers many advantages to the Smart Contract development community. This project is designed to implement the best parts of the Bitcoin and Ethereum projects, into a business-friendly blockchain.

Further details about this contract can be read in the QTUM Series Guide.


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