Revealing Bitcoin’s Legality: The ZapChain Summit

Zap Legal

2015/07/31 3:00 PM

ZapChain, a website where one can engage in online discussions regarding a variety of topics, will entertain an online summit to discuss the benefits that are brought to us by the use of Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s history is stained due to its use in criminal activities and the darknet, yet, it does not the change the potential for both present and future. A person unfamiliar to bitcoin may have heard of it through a news channel in regards to drug trafficking, fraud, weapon sales. These are the things that must be avoided when speaking on Bitcoin. An unregulated currency has many benefits that should be discussed instead of the uses it has had by criminals. The benefits of Bitcoin — rather than the illegal activities it has been associated with — is what will be discussed in the ZapChain summit. A change of mentality is in order to think of Bitcoin as a currency, not a gateway to illicit activities.

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