Revolutionary Blockchain-based Digital Advertising Ecosystem Papyrus to Launch Token Generation Event on 12 October 2017

· September 22, 2017 · 4:15 pm

Papyrus, the world’s first fully comprehensive and scalable decentralized ecosystem for advertisers, publishers, developers, and users built on top of Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts, today announced its token generation event scheduled for 12th of October 2017.

[Note: This is a press release.]

Scalable Blockchain Ad Platform to Save Industry Up to $110B Annually

The project was first conceptualized in January 2017 and has been funded to date by $1 million from private investors. Papyrus aims to develop a disruptive digital advertising platform using a constellation of integrated technologies that will transform and unite the entire digital advertising market in a single, comprehensive solution that offers unmatched transparency, security, and cost-effectiveness.

“We see disruption of digital advertising as the next big thing for blockchain”, said Papyrus Product Director Alexander Shvets. “There never was a chance to provide true transparency in the digital ad supply chain before Papyrus because

that convoluted and non-transparent environment prevents market players from establishing trusted relationships – abuse and fraud are rampant. Blockchain is the first technology in history that allows the development of an impartial transactional environment that facilitates instantaneous verification of all aspects related to transactions. Papyrus is the world’s first highly scalable solution able to handle hundreds of billions of ad impressions every day in the programmatic ad supply chain and provides complete transparency of all operations for their stakeholders.

Papyrus goes even further – it creates a new economy for digital advertising, where, along with publishers and advertisers, even end users become full-fledged participants in the ad cycle able to control what ads they see and what personal data they share. End users will get reasonable compensation for their attention instead of just warding off ads with ad blocking software”, Alexander added.