Samourai Wallet enables dynamic transfer fees for bitcoin payments

Privacy enthusiast wallet service Samourai Wallet has today introduced dynamic transfer fees. Users can now increase the miner fee for stuck payments and transactions that don’t confirm in order to speed up the process.

Samourai is a modern bitcoin wallet hand forged to keep transactions private, identity masked, and funds secure.

Recently introduced and added to the wallet was the first full BIP 47 implementation. When a user payment code is added by another wallet they will be able to receive bitcoin without ever sharing a bitcoin address. They also can optionally send bitcoin back to the other wallet without sharing addresses.

Further standout features include Ricochet, a Samourai exclusive premium transaction type that helps improve fungibility and frustrate blockchain spies. Ricochet is designed to stump the blockchain spies that provide blacklists to bitcoin banks and exchanges that they use to freeze funds and suspend accounts.


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