Sharpe Capital announces part acquisition of crypto-consultancy firm AmaZix

Sharpe Capital, a blockchain company paying Ether in exchange for user opinion about equity markets and blockchain assets has announced that co-founders Lewis Barber and James A. Butler executed a deal with AmaZix to acquire a minority stake in the business, placing its cash value at over $30MM. AmaZix is a turnkey crypto-consultancy firm with a large and rapidly growing client base, working with some of the biggest, most talked about blockchain companies of the year, including: Bancor, Stox, Bankex, SALT, and Sharpe Capital.

The deal was closed after a week of negotiations, as part of a larger partnership agreement aiming to nurture the development of tokenized ecosystems and blockchain-driven technology, with several significant announcements expected over the coming days and weeks.

This announcement comes as Sharpe begins its ICO, starting with a presale on November 6.

James A. Butler, PhD Co-Founder & CIO, Sharpe Capital

“We have been delighted by the professionalism and range of services offered by AmaZix, and over the past four months, have seen them grow at an unprecedented rate. Together we have developed a vision for achieving this, and us acquiring a stake in AmaZix is just the first step. We are very excited for what’s next.”

James A. Butler of Sharpe Capital

“The Sharpe Capital acquisition of equity in the AmaZix, proves that our strategy is the right one. When some of the the brightest minds in the industry begin recognising our work, it tells me we are on the right track. We have been approached by several 3rd parties asking for a piece of the AmaZix pie, and have chosen to partner with James & Lewis first. As such the acquisition of a minority share, makes perfect sense for both of us. Sharpe Capital is building a crowdsourced asset sentiment platform, and the technology that they are building, can be somewhat directly applied to the AmaZix current IP in a way that will further consolidate our position as the world’s leading community management and engagement firm.”

Jonas Seven Karlberg, CEO of AmaZix

See a preview of the Sharpe Capital whitepaper below:

This white paper describes the Sharpe Capital Financial Markets Protocol and Investment Platform. The Sharpe Capital Investment Platform brings together a multitude of novel innovations in smart contracts, quantitative trading, machine learning, linguistic analysis and artificial intelligence. Principally, we are issuing Sharpe Platform Tokens (SHP). SHP provides a proof-of-stake that permits platform participants to earn service fees in ETH in exchange for providing sentiment toward global equities and blockchain assets through our web and mobile platforms. Users are rewarded with service fees in proportion to the accuracy of the sentiment they provide, utilising a proof-of-reputation mechanism.


Source: CryptoNinjas.net

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