SIRIN LABS concludes the 4th largest crowdsale in history

SIRIN LABS, the creator of an innovative, secure blockchain phone has successfully completed the fourth largest token crowdsale in history, with $157.8M (USD) raised ($157,862,507).

Unlike current models of smart devices that lack proper security features, the FINNEY family of devices offers users increased protection from cybercrime and hacks. Utilizing the core technology of SOLARIN, Sirin’s premier ultra-secure mobile phone, the company has created the only smartphone in the world that’s fully secure and safe enough to hold cryptographic coins.

The FINNEY line of devices is the first of its kind specifically designed for the needs of the blockchain generation and crypto community.

The devices combine the ultra-secure nature of the blockchain, with the functionality and essentials of Android OS. Users will be able to manage their crypto assets safely from their smart devices, without worrying about security risks. The new devices will maintain the sleek, hallmark design of SIRIN LABS’ SOLARIN, but at the fraction of the cost, and in an ultra-compact form factor.

Moshe Hogeg, Founder, and Co-CEO of SIRIN LABS said:

“We are both humbled and thrilled by the support that FINNEY has received during the course of our crowdsale. Becoming the 4th largest crowdsale of the year shows both the need in the market and usefulness of having devices that can support and secure cryptocurrencies. It really is the first step in bringing blockchain technology to a more mainstream audience.”



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