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January, 2018

  • 23 January

    Church in Zürich Accepts Donations in Bitcoin, BCH, Ether, Ripple and Stellar


    Economics While some mainstream media sources will have you believe that bitcoin is only used for buying illicit drugs, contracting hitmen and laundering money, the truth is that it is being used for so much more than that – just like fiat currency. The latest example is ...

  • 23 January

    Pivots Towards the Blockchain – Loony or Smart?


    Bitcoinist.net · January 23, 2018 · 12:30 pm Kodak and Long Island Iced Tea have both been criticised recently for loony pivots towards the blockchain to attract feverish cryptocurrency investors. But, can you blame them when shares for the former rose as much as 90% after announcing their new KodakCoin, ...

  • 23 January

    Markets Update: Cryptocurrencies Try to Regain Strength After the Recent Dip


    Market Updates A vast majority of cryptocurrencies were suffering from losses yesterday after last weekend’s recent spikes in value. Bitcoin core (BTC) prices have dropped since touching the $13K zone back down to the $10K region while most of the digital asset markets were also down yesterday ...

  • 23 January

    Everyone’s Talking About Blockchains But Hardly Anyone’s Using Them


    Technology We live in an era in which everything is on the blockchain and there’s a blockchain for everything. From bananas to sex, there’s a token for that and a blockchain to match. There are now over 600 blockchains in existence, with dozens more dreamed up every ...

  • 23 January

    Does the IRS Fear Bitcoin?


    Jeff Francis · January 23, 2018 · 11:00 am An op-ed in the New York Times theorizes that the IRS fears Bitcoin due to tax evasion. What actions could the IRS take to combat this? The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is one of the most feared federal agencies in the ...

  • 23 January

    New Research: 10% of Funds Raised in ICOs Lost or Stolen


    Crowdfunding Close to $400 million USD raised from initial coin offerings have been lost or stolen, a new research has found. The embezzled funds constitute more than 10% of what had been collected for the projects covered by the study. Meeting fundraising goals is getting harder for ...

  • 23 January

    Nvidia Tries to Limit GPU Sales to Cryptocurrency Miners


    Mining After years of enjoying the increased demand from cryptocurrency mining, GPU manufacturers have begun to signal they might not be too thrilled about miners overcrowding the market. Nvidia has requested retailers to take some measures to try and ensure its produces get into the hands of ...

  • 23 January

    South Korea ‘Legalizes’ Cryptocurrency Trading, Bans Anonymity


    Wilma Woo · January 23, 2018 · 8:30 am South Korea lawmakers have confirmed cryptocurrency exchanges will become de facto legal January 30 as they enact new laws about anonymity in trading. 6 Banks On Board For Change In its most recent statements, the country’s Financial Services Commission (FSC) confirmed that ...

  • 23 January

    South Korean Card Companies Block Transactions to Overseas Cryptocurrency Exchanges


    Finance South Korean card companies are reportedly working on blocking payments to overseas cryptocurrency exchanges. Currently, 20 major crypto exchanges are blocked but that number is expected to increase, according to the Korean Credit Finance Association. Also read: South Korean Officials Caught Trading On Insider Knowledge of Crypto ...

  • 23 January

    DNA Data Marketplace on the Blockchain


    James Levenson · January 23, 2018 · 6:30 am Big data is big money, and corporations such as Google and Facebook have made billions out of your personal information. Medical and genetic data is worth even more, and companies may be profiting from it whenever you take a genetic test. ...