The Quantum Resistant Ledger exceeds crowdsale cap for enterprise grade blockchain protocol

The Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL) a public blockchain technology offering longevity and stability through the mitigation of quantum computing attacks announced that after raising over $4 million dollars during its early crowdsale, QRL has now launched ERC20 tokens for contributors upon request. ERC20 tokens are the standard protocol for tokens or cryptocurrency to function on the Ethereum network. This is a short-term interim choice prior to the launch of QRL’s independent enterprise grade blockchain protocol and network.

52 million tokens were offered in the early crowdsale and crowdsale. But, due to dedicated support and exceeding the cap, the public crowdsale was canceled. Consequently, each token was purchased at approximately 8 cents. After listing on Bittrex and Liqui, they have shown an exchange value of 60 cents to 2 dollars USD.

QRL founder, Dr. Peter Waterland believes a lot of the support for this project comes from a few unique value propositions:

1) Use of stateful XMSS signatures to secure addresses
2) Custom hash-based POS algorithm generating randomness using hash-based PRF and iterative keyed hash-chain
3) The Ephemeral messaging layer with anonymous completely private post-quantum secure end-to-end data channels

With a few articles surfacing about quantum secure blockchains, QRL says they are proud to be the first and only public blockchain solution usable upon standard computing equipment.

According to the UX developer on the team and co-founder, Dr. JP Lomas, there are more exciting team developments to be announced. One of the upcoming events is the participation of the team in Blue Yard Capital’s and Google Quantum AI Lab’s exclusive Quantum Leap conference on the commercialization of Quantum technologies. In addition, Jomari Peterson the Strategy and Operations co-founder plans to roll out the detailed development roadmap within the next week for a late September launch with the aid of post-quantum cryptographer Leon Groot Bruinderink and blockchain solution architect Michael Kolenbrander.

Some of the QRL’s major milestones include the implementation of a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism to confirm transactions and reward honest nodes, programmable apps or smart contracts, unique digital identification, proof of ownership with digital asset transactions and governance algorithms for voting and polling on the network.

The protocols white paper is available for more information.

Source: CryptoNinjas.net

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