Wagering platform Peerplays successfully launches its blockchain

Peerplays, a solution for provably fair blockchain-based gaming informed supporters that on June 6th the Peerplays Blockchain Standards Association published an open-source, MIT licensed repository of its software code entitled “Peerplays 0.1.7 – Recommended Peerplays Genesis”

Less than 20 minutes later, independent parties from around the globe began to compile this code to establish the first Peerplays blockchain seed nodes. Less than 24 hours after that, almost twenty block-signing witness node operators were elected by Peerplays core (PPY) token holders, and were successfully signing and validating Peerplays blocks.

After reviewing the aforementioned events, PeerPlays announced that chain ID# 6b6b5f0ce7a36d323768e534f3edb41c6d6332a541a95725b98e28d140850134 does indeed adhere to PBSA standards of provable-fairness, thus qualifying it to be the official Peerplays blockchain.

The Peerplays core wallet app is also now available for download.

For PPY balance claims, holders must download and install the Peerplays core wallet app and follow the instructions found here.

Since the Peerplays blockchain does not place any time limit on PPY balance claims, the team stated to study and review the instructions carefully before proceeding to claim PPY balances.

A basic block explorer for the Peerplays blockchain can be found here.

A community help channel has also been established for finding answers to questions about balance claims or witness operation, or anything else.

On Peerplays, players can participate in tournaments which take place on the blockchain rather than on a centrally owned server, and wagering is done with tokens connected to the blockchain rather than funds held by a centralized gaming company. This means that players from anywhere in the world can use Peerplays without the major restrictions that often come with using traditional gaming platforms.

  • Casino Games – Peerplays can host multi-player casino card games “on-chain”. which means that gameplay and wagering is fully decentralized and fair without needing to trust a 3rd party.
  • Sports Betting – Anyone in the world can bet on games or play in fantasy leagues on Peerplays, because all wagering, bookmaking and tournament brackets are hosted securely on the decentralized blockchain. The wagered funds are automatically distributed upon “settlement”, which happens when the official game results and statistics are published to the blockchain by decentralized oracles.
  • eSports – Peerplays is working to establish partnerships with major gaming services to integrate their platforms and give their users the choice of wagering through Peerplays.


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