Zerion to partner with Qtum on smart contract services

Qtum has announced that the blockchain company is starting a collaboration with Zerion, a leading blockchain investment platform. Zerion will be integrating the Qtum platform and their services will now support Qtum smart contracts.

In July of this year, the Qtum team met with Alex Bash, Zerion’s Chief Technology Officer during BlockchainHack in Moscow, where both of our teams were event sponsors and on the jury board. There, the Qtum team learned more about Zerion and their vision for the future.

Working with a team of leading engineers, Zerion’s platform provides a solid interface for smart contract-based crowdfunding to help open-source projects raise capital all over the world and for backers to securely and seamlessly fund projects at any stage — all in one place, with one single Zerion account.

“The future of finance is decentralization and tokenization. Zerion’s mission is to power the blockchain revolution by directly connecting the next generation of trustworthy projects and products to the world. We believe we share many common values with the Qtum team and are excited to integrate their powerful technology into the future of our platform!” – Evgeny, Founder & CEO — Zerion

The Qtum team said:

“At Qtum, we are always searching for new ways to collaborate with innovative and professional teams, and we are excited to begin building this relationship with Zerion.”


Source: CryptoNinjas.net

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